Adoptions & Analytics Portal

The Akademos Adoption & Analytics Portal is a software platform that is part of the Online Bookstore service designed to streamline the process of adopting textbooks and course materials for faculty and administration, improve HEOA compliance and provide faculty insight into the cost of learning materials.

Key benefits include:

  • - Time savings and improved productivity for Faculty and Administrators
  • - Streamlined communication tool
  • - Access to course history and a recommendation engine highlighting additional high-quality, low-cost options
  • - Transparency and clarity around course materials pricing and process deadlines
  • - Enhanced reporting and analytics

FACULTY: An easier way to compare textbooks and submit your adoptions

  1. 1. Login and select a course
  2. 2. Add materials to your course:
    Books, Ancillaries, CoursePacks, Notes, Attach Files & More
  3. 3. Complete your adoption

ADMINISTRATORS: An easier way to track and analyze your school’s adoption process

  1. 1. Track the status of adoptions
    and view other reports
  2. 2. Contact faculty who need to submit
    their adoptions
  3. 3. Review and approve Faculty submissions